Scientists have found what senses are failing in humans after cardiac arrest

American scientists managed to establish which organs are among the first to deny the person after the heart stops. Many of those who suffered clinical death, continued to hear the words of doctors and relatives.

Ученые выяснили, какие органы чувств отказывают у человека после остановки сердца

Experts say that the human body after the heart stops, begins to “sequential off”, but due to the gradual extinction of brain. Scientists from functioning at new York University medical center concluded that after the death of the individual for some time, continues to feel the world around him. It even can manage to come to the realization that it is living its last moments. In favor of this point the stories of survivors of clinical death. They continued to hear the voices of doctors and family before was able to run to their heart muscle.

Professor Sam Parnia analyzed several studies and concluded that the body continues to process incoming information some time after the death, but the man himself to external stimuli does not respond. The individual is unable to move even if you have the desire, and all systems were gradually switched off. Employees of ANA believe that after death the observed activity represents the first phase of death. The man retained the ability to hear, and he dies soon after the death of brain cells, which can be a lengthy process. Experts from the Haddassah hospital in Jerusalem has concluded, in that first an individual is deprived of the sense of smell and until recently when the lack of oxygen functions responsible for memories area.

Dr. Jonas Olofsson said that scientists tried to discover the connection between sense of smell and affecting the brain disorders, but this failed. At the same time confirmed that the loss of sense of smell indicates an increase in the risk of death. It is believed that formed in the cells of the brain plaques responsible for injure the sense of smell nerve. Journalist Jenny Diar turned to the results of earlier studies, finding that after death people are out of sight and sense of smell, then you lose the ability to tactile sensations, until the hearing disabled at a later date.

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