Scientists have found the reason of diamond rains on Uranus and Neptune

Scientists have found the reason of diamond rains on Uranus and Neptune. They were able to simulate the conditions inside the planets within the laboratory.

Ученые установили причину алмазных дождей на Уране и Нептуне

Among all planets in the Solar system Uranus and Neptune studied the worst because of their far location from Earth. Scientists know that the composition of its atmosphere is composed of hydrogen, helium and methane, around the nucleus, you’ll sorgerecht, super-dense fluid of water, ammonia and methane. In the experiment, it was found that under the influence of sufficient pressure and temperature, the methane can break into the diamond that speaks to their formation in the same way in the liquid around the nucleus.

To test this hypothesis, the specialists replaced the methane in the hydrocarbon polystyrene. The researchers were able to recreate the conditions on Neptune at a depth of 10 thousand. the result is to heat the material up to 5000 Kelvin and pressure to reach the equal of which has a weight of 250 African elephants on the surface of the nail plate. After that, the researchers conducted observations with the help of x-rays, which allowed them to see not only the transformation of carbon into diamond, but the collapse of the rest of the sample on the hydrogen atoms.

Previously, NASA experts have created a simulation of a sunset, to show how this process, who on Earth decided to give a romantic value, looks at other planets.

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