Scientists have found the main cause of incurable cancer

Scientists from Stanford University in the USA conducted a major study of cancer. The experts found out the main cause of incurable cancer.

Ученые выяснили главную причину неизлечимого рака

The study involved 136 patients with lung cancer and breast cancer. The scientists took over 400 samples of primary tumors and metastases, of which 100 were treated with special drugs, and 99 remained inactive. In the end managed to detect a strange pattern. It turns out that the treatment of the primary cancer contributes to mutations, which are the main cause of an incurable cancer. Scientists explained that the metastases are formed in the primary tumor (monoclonal culture) and at the same time from different clones (polyclonal seeding).

In the second case, mutations lead to cancer in other organs. Treatment of the underlying disease alters the structure of the aggregate, which considerably aggravates the situation of the patient. Such an outcome often occurs because of late diagnosis of cancer. The fact that mutations in metastases are more dangerous than the changes in the primary tumor. To avoid negative consequences, you should periodically undergo a medical examination, especially people who are in the area Ryskov. Otherwise, mutations in the metastases can lead to an incurable form of cancer.

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