Not all people are aware of how harmful ready-made food packaged in plastic is. Due to the fast pace of life in the city, a person gets used to snacking on just such food, but the results of the study show that buyers of these products eat up to 2 plastic bags during the year.

Scientists have figured out how much plastic a person who buys packaged food eats every year

Image source: YouTube
Relevant scientific work was carried out by British scientists representing the University of Portsmouth. They made a simple calculation, since one serving of such food contains at least 200 microplastic particles – their sizes are often up to 5 millimeters. The researchers decided to divide the food in their experiment into 2 groups.

The first category was prepared from “clean” farm products, which were then packaged in plastic. In the second case, initially the content of plastic microparticles was several times higher. The experts concluded that they got into food using vacuum packaging. Microplastics get into food and thanks to kitchen utensils. As for the health risks of microplastics, this issue has yet to be analyzed in detail.



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