Scientists have found a possible immunity to the coronavirus without the presence of antibodies

Even in people with negative test results for the presence of antibodies in the body may develop immunity to the coronavirus. This statement was made by scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

Учёные сочли возможным иммунитет к коронавирусу без наличия антител

Experts have predicted that more people in the world with the protective properties of the organism than is detected during testing. Immunity to COVID-19 will protect against infection with a coronavirus or will increase the probability of the disease in a mild form without significant health risks. If the assumptions of scientists confirmed it won’t come true the predictions of the doctors on the further accelerate the diffusion of COVID-19 on the Ground. This was reported by Professor Hans-Gustaf Ungren from the Center of infectious research.

T-killers are considered a major component of antiviral immunity. During the new research, experts identified 100% of cases development of protective functions of the body using data of lymphocytes than people with antibodies. This allows us to hope that a favorable forecast will come true, said associate Professor Karolinska Institutet Marcus Buggert.

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