Scientists have first spotted the northern lights on a comet

Scientists have first spotted the northern lights on a comet

The fact that the aurora borealis occurs on the Earth and other planets of the Universe has been known for a long time, but until recently it was not possible to fix such a phenomenon on comets. The famous Churi, which was discovered thanks to the Rosetta mission, was able to surprise the scientists.

Scientists have recorded the northern lights on a comet for the first time

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Astronomers have long been able to determine what triggers the northern lights on Earth. Behind this “magic” are electrically charged particles of the Sun, interacting with the magnetic field of the planet. But a similar phenomenon around Churi looks completely different. The comet strikes, as if with magical radiation that surrounds it from all sides. The model was created based on hundreds of photographs taken with the Rosetta in the fall of 2015. Scientists were amazed at the result.

A snapshot of comet 67P / Churyumova-Gepacimenko, which is better known under the small name Churi, was published by NASA astronomers. Scientists say that this is a special glow and one of a kind. The only thing left to do is to understand how this ultraviolet radiation is formed.

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