Scientists have discovered five “mysterious” meteoroids

Scientists have discovered five meteoroids – celestial bodies of size smaller than Borisov comet or asteroid 1I/Omwamwi. The status of “mysterious” they got, because physicists suspect that these objects came into the Solar system from other star clusters.

Учёные обнаружили пять «загадочных» метеороидов

In the 60-ies of XX century and solved the mystery of the migration of microscopic substances. It turns out, they penetrate into the Solar system with the interstellar wind. Then on satellites and orbiting aircraft began to establish a measure of cosmic dust. In 1990 he launched the Ulysses station for determining mass, speed, charge and direction of the displacement of these particles. Finally managed to register 313 substances of micron size. The Japanese probe Hiten in 1990-1991 found 500 particles, including 20 interstellar. Apparatus Cassini went to Saturn in 1997 and found a number of substances from the geysers of the moon Enceladus. Voyager also recorded collisions of interstellar particles. In 2017, Hawaiian telescope Pan-STARRS discovered an object with a hyperbolic orbit. This suggests that he is not from the Solar system. The object was cigar-shaped and represented a giant stone. Astronomers call it 1I/Omwamwi, which translated into Russian means “scout”. Originally ufologists assumed it was a spacecraft of the aliens, but this version was not confirmed. A month after the occurrence he disappeared.

In August last year noticed another interstellar “messenger”. It was first noticed by the astronomer Gennady Borisov in the Crimea. The comet was named 2I/Borisov in honor of the discoverer. This object was a piece of ice, a kilometer in diameter. To “train” scientists judged the “messenger.” Over time, astrophysicists have realized that in this object much more carbon than the comets of the Solar system. Canadian scientists due to the CMOR radar detected five meteoroids. Experts suggest that these celestial bodies have a hyperbolic orbit, and thus came from outside the Solar system.

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