Scientists have discovered a new species of sea bugs

Scientists have discovered a new species of sea bugs

New species of sea bugs discovered

Photo: New York Post

Sea beetles can grow up to 45.72 centimeters long. Through their blue colors in the ocean, the stench looks like giant rice paddies.

A group of survivors revealed a new type of giant sea bugs that linger on the bottom of the ocean. Tell about it New York Post. These sea beetles are really isopods, like Bathynomus yucatanensis. Like other isopods, they are often respected by coma, even though the stench does not fit into this category.

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It is significant that the stench has become widely known as a wake-up call to the viral video of 2019, de stench is the first hour of the fall in the history of deep water aligators. The last ones say that they laid the alligator on the sea bottom, and less than 24 years later, the sea bugs whimpered, so that they were half-hearted. So, the new researched experts voiced that tsі іzopodi don’t spit on their own health and turn around, rather, like scavengers, they’re not afraid of them.

The old age is so hard that it’s easy to find the surplus of the corpses of sea baggers, or else I’ll know, to such a stink they can take access.

Most of these sources can be seen in areas with tropical temperatures near the ocean depths. The survivors were able to know them near the waters of Taiwan, near the island of Pratas and near the Yucatan Pivot at the Mexican Butt.