Scientists have developed a method to destroy cancer cells in the cervix

Scientists have developed a method to destroy cancer cells in the cervix

Scientists representing the National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” and the First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov, developed a method for destroying cancer cells in the cervix. According to experts, its effectiveness was confirmed by all patients who took part in the experiment.

Scientists have developed a method to destroy cancer cells in the cervix

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Cervical cancer is one of the most pressing problems of gynecological oncology, since the available methods for diagnosing the disease often require surgery. For example, sometimes uterine bleeding may occur when a tissue sample is taken for biopsy. The methods of fluorescence diagnostics, which were proposed by specialists, make it possible to learn about the state of tissues without affecting biological processes. These methods are accompanied by the introduction of a photosensitizer into human blood.

Cancer cells can concentrate large amounts of light-sensitive substances. After some time, when they leave normal cells, but remain in cancer cells, the tumor is exposed to laser radiation of a set wavelength.

“With the help of a chlorin-type photosensitizer, radiation is absorbed and reactive oxygen is produced, which destroys nearby cancer cells and damages blood vessels. At the same time, cancer cells do not receive the necessary nutrients. The glow that occurs upon excitation of light-sensitive substances by a laser is recorded by spectral and video fluorescence methods and makes it possible to accurately identify the boundaries of the tumor, ”the researchers said.

They also added that a clinical study was conducted, as a result of which all patients with morphologically confirmed diagnoses of leukoplakia were able to successfully undergo PDT treatment. The experiment involved 10 women. The study protocol was approved by the Local Ethics Committee of the Institute of Cluster Oncology. L. L. Levshina.

After 3 months, complete regression of pathological changes was revealed in all patients. According to the results of the study, the experts confirmed that the application of the method helps to destroy the human papillomavirus, reports RIA Novosti.

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