Scientists have determined the levels of vitamin C without a blood test

Scientists from the U.S. and Sweden have determined the level of vitamin C in the human body without blood. Experts used a mini-device that measures the strength of the current, which allowed us to obtain the desired results.

Ученые определили уровень витамина C без анализа крови

Compact device measures the amount of a named element in the body and is not necessary to analyze the penetration under the skin. One electrode is placed in the enzyme with vitamin C, then a sensor that measured the strength of the current. With increased concentration of mentioned substances of the oxygen is consumed for oxidation. The device detects the change of current caused by this reaction, indicating the content of vitamin C in the body. You need to measure sweating, however, 2-3 drops is enough to determine the level of substance. During the experiments, volunteers were secured mini-instruments on the forearm and turned on after acceptance of pills with the right element, however, the volunteers drank fortified orange juice.

In the experiment, it was found that the sensors record variances related to the increase in the body of vitamin C. a New method to determine the concentration of any other components, without resorting to the traditional blood test.

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