Scientists have described how isolation conditions impact on the bone

A team of Japanese scientists conducted a study to examine in more details as staying in conditions of isolation affect people’s health. They told how it affects bones.

Ученые рассказали, как условия самоизоляции влияют на кости

According to the results of scientific work, a long stay in quarantine can lead to a lack of vitamin D. This Pro-hormone is produced by skin exposed to UV rays. At the present time the majority of people in Japan feel its deficiency, so experts recommend them at least from time to time to appear on the street to get the required dose of sunlight. The study’s lead author Hideaki Nakajima urged the Japanese to regularly go to the balcony or stand near an open window during the day. He also called the useful habit of running in the fresh air. It should not be applied to the skin sunscreen.

In addition, to strengthen the bone specialist advised to reconsider your daily diet. According to him, preference is given to products that are fortified with vitamin D. these include salmon and sardines.

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