Scientists have created a pill to enhance mental abilities

Scientists from Oxford University have developed a unique drug for improvement of brain activity. The drug pylaet human mental abilities by speeding up the cognitive functions.

Ученые создали таблетки для усиления умственных способностей

Scientists do not yet reveal the secret of making unique tablets. It is only known that the drug stimulates the brain, increasing the level of histamine. In addition, the active substance acts directly on the neurotransmitters which improves logical thinking. As a result the person feels refreshed and is able to solve even complex tasks. Improves short-term memory and the ability to analyze a situation and make quick decisions. While the drug to boost mental abilities not undergone clinical trials, so it is early to talk about its use on humans. Also, scientists do not rule out a number of side effects: problems with dreams, cognitive disorder due to information overload and psychosis.

Do not forget that even with a successful test, a unique tablet will appear in all countries, because it is doping. This kind of drugs is forbidden in most modern States. Still, the drug can be used to treat people who suffer from degenerative diseases of the brain.

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