Scientists have confirmed a direct link between acne and depression

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst conducted a study, which confirmed a direct link between acne and depression. Details of the scientific work presented in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Ученые подтвердили прямую связь между акне и депрессией

As explained by experts, to date no research has not determined definitively the relationship between mental health and skin disease, as it is quite difficult to do, because there are many other factors that contribute to depression. After analyzing more than 42 already existing scientific works, Daniel Samuels and his colleagues found a strong Association.
“This study should give patients with acne seek a dermatologist for treatment because the improvement in their skin can lead to a reduction of depression and anxiety that they experience,” said Kathleen Suozzi, associate Professor of dermatology at Yale University who was not involved in the scientific work.

The scientists also added that they were surprised by the fact that the deterioration of mental health is more common in adults with acne than teenagers, although they expected the opposite, since adolescence is a time of the highest emotional peak.

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