If you give up coffee for one week, the person will become more energetic. This conclusion was reached by scientists after conducting a study. a week will make a person more energetic” />

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The study was conducted back in 2019. As it turned out, if you regularly drink coffee, then the speed of cycling increases significantly. True, this happens only in the first 15 days. Then the effect decreases until it reaches the initial levels. If you give up coffee for a week, then after the resumption of its use, the person will again become more energetic. The fact is that it is during this period that the work of adenosine receptors is restored.

Scientists recommend taking such breaks once a month. If you can’t quit coffee abruptly, then you should do it gradually. First, for example, you can switch to a drink without caffeine, and then completely replace it with water.

In addition, coffee has a number of useful properties: it releases glutamate, which increases the ability to learn and remember information by 20% reduces the risk of developing cancer, and diabetes and Parkinson's disease by 30%.

Source: inosmi.ru


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