Scientists explained the reason for the extensive losses during coronavirus

The United team of scientists on the results of the study were able to explain the reason for extensive lesions when infected with coronavirus. The work is organized by specialists of the clinics at the universities of Wuppertal, Harvard, Basel, Leuven and Hanover.

Ученые объяснили причину обширных поражений при коронавирусе

Coronavirus is different from the flu because it primarily affects the structure of blood vessels. It entails the reaction of the organism, which can be compared with the response to rejection after transplantation of donor organ. Experts analyzed the lungs of people who died caused by COVID-19 of complications, and these bodies are among those whose death is due to acute respiratory diseases. As control group served as the lungs of those who died a natural death. Through the work of its authors resorted to immunohistochemical analysis, imaging and other studies.

In the lungs of victims COVID-19 was observed to distinguish them from other vascular features. We are talking about significant endothelial damage, which is primarily due to the breach of cell membranes. In addition, it was possible to identify thrombosis with microangiopathy. According to experts ‘ conclusions, the coronavirus is able to reduce the blood flow not only in the case of light, but with a number of other organs, including the heart and brain, which causes complications.

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