Scientists: domesticated cats 14 500 years ago

Scientists from the National center for scientific research in France found that man domesticated the cat about 14 500 years ago. The domestication of these animals began after the first settlements appeared mouse.

Ученые: Человек приручил кошек 14 500 лет назад

Proof of this theory was obtained during a new archaeological excavation, in which scientists from different countries. Experts have suggested that the process of domestication of wild cats began once people realized the use of these animals in the rodent. Archaeologists said that the discovered fossils of an unknown cat species in areas of settlements ain Mallaha, require further research because they contradict earlier discoveries.

It should be noted that according to one hypothesis, the domestication of wild cats started in the Nile valley in 4000 year BC. While previously, there was evidence that the domestication of these animals took place about 9,500 years ago in Cyprus. French experts say that to tame a cat person started after the appearance of mice, writes Newinform.

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