Scientists discovered in the South of Siberia traces the ancestors of native Americans

Scientists in the study found in the South of Siberia traces of the ancient ancestors of native Americans. The work was conducted by experts of the max Planck Institute, reports Cell.

Ученые обнаружили на юге Сибири следы предков коренных американцев

Experts have organized the study of the genome of 19 citizens whose remains had previously been discovered in the Baikal area. This including archaeologists found the tooth of a man who lived in the region about 14 thousand years ago. In the end, failed to detect genetic sequences, showing signs as the Siberian and the American populations. Experts note that multiple inserts into the human genome, whose remains are discovered at the Ust-Kyakhta-3 indicate when the representatives of the bronze age that inhabited the surroundings of lake Baikal, with the other peoples of Eurasia.

In particular, the conclusion made by scientists indicate that in the period between the early bronze age South Siberian and West Eurasian steppe populations had a close and rather extensive contacts.

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