Scientists: Dinosaurs died because of the asteroid Chicxulub

Scientists conducted a study, which concluded that the dinosaurs died because of the asteroid Chicxulub. It made the habitat unsuitable for the reptiles.

Ученые: Динозавры погибли из-за падения астероида Chicxulub

Previously, scientists assumed that about 75% of all life on Earth was destroyed during the eruptions. New research conducted by experts at University College London, University of Bristol and Imperial College London proved that the dinosaurs died 66 million years ago due to the asteroid. After a heavenly body crashed to the Ground, the world started to be formed unbearable to the lives of these reptiles conditions. The changing climate led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

With this new model that used different approaches showed that the asteroid impacts on the environment in global terms is catastrophic. In fact, after this creates a kind of “blue screen” of death for these individuals. Thus it was possible to establish that the eruptions were not so destructive to nature. Moreover, in the long run they contributed to the revival of the planet, writes planet-today.

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