Scientists call the water on Mars is uninhabitable

Even in the presence on Mars of a quantity of water it is hardly suitable for the existence of life there. The relevant conclusions made by scientists on the results of the simulation, reports Nature Astronomy.

Ученые назвали воду на Марсе непригодной для жизни

Through collected during the missions of Curiosity and the Phoenix spacecraft on Mars data and observations of the planet, scientists have suggested that the surface should be water in a liquid state. It is not excluded that it is present there in the form of salt solutions. Stability needs to save only a portion of the soil of the red planet, and only for a relatively short period of time in a year. Such “waters” too cold and salty that it could emerge and survive familiar in the understanding of human life.

In particular, the model suggests that the Martian sea is never heated to a temperature above -480 degrees Celsius. It’s about 25 degrees lower than the estimated limit of thermal stability for the earth’s life forms. The results can be useful in planning missions to Mars.

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