Scientists: birth control pills affect the hormone of love

Scientists conducted a study, which established how birth control pills affect the body. In their opinion, these drugs affect the hormone of love, changing his number.

Учёные: Противозачаточные таблетки влияют на гормон любви

Birth control pills have been around for many years and their effectiveness is not in doubt. In addition, clinical trials have proven their safety when used correctly. However, employees of the Department of clinical medicine Aarhus University in Denmark decided to study whether or not these funds impact on the psychological and emotional state of women. To do this, they studied the testimony of 185 women living in the United States. The result showed that in their blood exceeded the number of oxytocin. This love hormone affects a woman’s mind and multiplied during social contacts and manifestation of intimacy. When taking the drug, its level exceeds the norm, and that women gradually lose their sensitivity to it.

Thanks to the scientific work of Michael Winterdale was able to prove that birth control pills can cause mood swings and decrease sexual desire. With its new data, scientists want in the future to continue the work, which will allow you to leave the risk profiles and to determine the extent of possible risk to women’s emotional state.

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