Scientists: A person should sleep for seven hours

Scientists from Peking University have found that sleep deprivation or excess negatively affects the brain. According to experts, a person should rest for seven hours and then he will not have problems with cognitive functions.

Scientists: A person should sleep for seven hours

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Sleep helps the body recover after a hard day, fills it with energy. Each person has a different need for this. However, general guidelines are important and must be heeded. Infants should sleep 20 hours a night. When they grow up, this amount of time is reduced to 10-12 hours. An adult needs less to recuperate. Older people prefer to sleep for several hours.

Without rest, the human brain is unable to function normally, concentration, clarity of thinking and memory processing are impaired. According to Yanjun Ma, a lot of sleep also contributes to inflammation, and a lack of sleep increases the levels of amyloid plaque and tau protein in the cerebrospinal fluid, which are considered symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

To conduct the experiment, a team of scientists led by Ma collected information on more than 20,000 men and women. The volunteers talked about their sleep habits and took cognitive tests. Experts found that during aging, abilities decreased faster in people who slept for 4 and 10 hours a day. This pattern is called the U-shaped relationship because the graph of cognitive decline is similar to a curve. According to the National Foundation, an adult should sleep 7-9 hours.

For better sleep, you need to establish good habits. For example, set a time for falling asleep and stick to it every day, the room should be cool and dark, there should be no TV, computer and tablet, mobile phones or other electronic devices. Before going to bed, it is not recommended to drink coffee, alcoholic beverages, eat a hearty dinner and smoke. Exercises can be done throughout the day to calm down and prepare for sleep.

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