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Schoolchildren from Ukraine created a device for the Armed Forces and received an award

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

Students from Ukraine created a device for the Armed Forces and received an award

Students from Ukraine attended the finals of the international IT competition. They managed to collect an unprecedented number of awards. In addition, two schoolchildren created a device for the Ukrainian military. 

This is reported by TSN.

Inventions of Ukrainian schoolchildren

Aleksandr and Makar from Chernihiv finish 11th grade. The boys  won the highest award at the international IT competition. They created a drone detector.

“Thanks to AI, it detects drones in the air. At the moment, it is designed to detect FPV drones”, — schoolchildren say.

This compact device can be easily fixed in a dugout or simply on a body armor. To demonstrate its work, a self-made FPV drone is used.

Olexandr and Makar developed software for the detector. The device can be used to set the required radius and program which drones to detect.

Seventh grader Kateryna also received bronze. The girl is a student of the Kyiv Children's Engineering Academy. She drove a sumo mini-robot to an international competition.

At the mini-robot competition, there are competitions where the robots must push the opponent out of the circle. The Ukrainian schoolgirl's robot received recognition from the Google company.

“They were all made of metal. And ours is 3D and it's very cool. Google gave me a watch. But I decided what would be better as a present his Elijah, he deserved more”, — says Kateryna.

Ilya – a student of the same academy who competed in the “Computer Art” category. He brought his work about everyday life to the competition. The boy won a silver medal. 

The jury of the international competition noted that the works of Ukrainian children focus not on everyday life, but on survival.

The problem when crossing the border

< p>The competition was held in Bucharest. The driver of the bus carrying a group of Ukrainian inventors was taken away by TCC employees while crossing the border. The organizers of the center, who prepared this transfer, reported that the children waited four hours for a replacement driver. However, they still reached their destination.

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