School harassment in Alfortville: The arrest of the schoolboy was done “in compliance”, according to the government

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Controversy“It was done in accordance with the agreement of the prosecution” and the “educational team”, declared the government spokesperson School harassment in Alfortville: The arrest of the schoolboy was done “in compliance” according to Olivier Véran — 20 Minutes

Be careful, this article contains comments that may be shocking

After the arrest of a schoolboy suspected of of harassment in the middle of class Alfortville, the controversy is growing. While the muscular action of the police is criticized by parent-teacher associations, the government spokesperson, Olivier Véran, defended himself on Wednesday: according to him , this arrest was made “in compliance”. He said he wanted to send “very strong messages” to harassers.

« çit was done in accordance with with the agreement of the prosecution » and “the’educational team”, declared the government spokesperson, information confirmed to AFP by a police source. “This is how we will cope with the scourge of harassment, this is how we will also protect our children, by sending these very serious messages “We are strong,” he insisted. à the outcome of the Council of Ministers.

The teenager is suspected of of harassment met a transgender high school student, particularly after having published particularly virulent comments: « We're going to cut your throat, we're going to make you a Hitler, we're going to make propaganda with your head. I have hatred towards your race, get out of there, go die, kill yourself, dirty PD, tranny,” he declared. à against the high school student according to the Créteil prosecutor's office contacted by20 Minutes, confirming information from BFM TV. 

The rectorate questions h2>

The day before, the rectorate of the academy had questioned itself: on the method used by the police. “ We are discussing with the authorities concerned to understand under what conditions police officers may have been led to this action. intervene in a school establishment to carry out “the questioning of a student in class,” he indicated. in a press release.

“ Basically, how many times in recent months have we had to worry? cry, following the tragic death of a child who gave himself away death because he was harassed? “ , emphasized Olivier Véran. “The Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal had very strong words following the tragic death of young Nicolas (in Poissy, editor's note). And he hoped that there would be an electric shock throughout the world that surrounds children, particularly the educational world, so that we can fight as effectively and forcefully as possible against harassment,” a- he recalled.

The affair began when the parents of a 15-year-old high school student managed to be received Monday morning by the principal of the Maximilien-Perret high school in Alfortville, where the victim is in second grade, indicated the rectorate. The student's father then filed a complaint. a police officer at the city police station, claiming that his daughter had been murdered. targeted by homophobic messages and death threats on Instagram, completed the investigation. the floor. Thanks to the exploitation of screenshots, the police identified the author of these messages, a student from the Henri-Barbusse college in Alfortville, and came to challenge him in class.

Aggravating circumstance

An investigation into violence leading to a disability working time less than eight days and death threats was open Tuesday morning, said the floor. The fact that these offenses were committed committed because of the gender or sexual orientation of the victim has been punished. retained as an aggravating circumstance, added this source.

The Créteil academy specified à AFP that the victim was in gender transition. His family said: at the rectorate that she was a young transgender girl. The suspected schoolboy, who admitted the facts and expressed his regrets, was referred to before a public prosecutor Tuesday late afternoon. The public prosecutor then notified him of the decision. an educational measure, defined by the prosecution as « an activity for the benefit of the community » which will have to be carried out in the coming weeks.


The arrest created controversy within the community educational, with some emphasizing the need for of a « electroshock » on harassment, others judging « abnormal » this arrest in class. For SNPDEN-Unsa, the main union of heads of establishments, “ maybe the police wanted to make a somewhat spectacular example,” and ” no one is at fault, neither the principal nor the police» because « the police have the right to intervene in class.

But “ it is very likely that the ambient climate surrounding issues of harassment has generated “a form of over-reaction”, added Didier Georges, member of the executive of this union. “ “This is not how we recommend intervening,” he explained. à the AFP. “ Common sense would dictate that these interventions, even if they are totally justified, should not be carried out in a class.

These facts occurred after the suicide, at a later date. At the start of the school year, Nicolas, a teenager from Poissy (Yvelines) who had complained of harassment. His parents said to themselves « outraged » of the treatment of his case by the authorities and the Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal promised a « electroshock all levels » in the fight against school bullying.