School harassment: A 14-year-old teenager, suspected of homophobic remarks, arrested in the middle of class in Alfortville

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INFO “20 MINUTES” The schoolboy is suspected of having made homophobic remarks, with incitement to suicide towards a teenage girl in the middle of a transition of gender

cours-agrave-alfortville-379533f.jpg” alt=”School harassment: A 14-year-old teenager, suspected of making homophobic remarks, arrested in the middle of class in Alfortville” />

A teenager 14-year-old, suspected of having harassed a classmate on Instagram, was arrested at his school (illustrative image) — Lionel Urman

Is this a first effect of the emotion aroused by the suicide of Nicolas, this 15-year-old high school student victim of school harassment? On Monday, a 14-year-old teenager was killed. arrested in class, Alfortville, in Val-de-Marne, suspected of of having made homophobic remarks, even inciting suicide, towards a 15-year-old friend, learned 20 Minutesfrom consistent sources. The college student was immediately impressed. placed on guard view. « Investigations are continuing», specifies the Créteil public prosecutor's office.

A complaint and an arrest the same day

The alert was raised. launched the same morning, around 10 a.m., by the father of the teenage victim of harassment who went to the Alfortville police station to file a complaint. According to his story, on September 15, his daughter – who has just started a gender transition – received numerous homophobic comments from the young boy under one of her Instagram posts. Some, with incredible violence, incite him to commit violence. put an end to his days. A little earlier in the morning, the parents had been arrested. received by the high school principal “to inform her that their daughter had received insults and threats this weekend on an Instagram group from a middle school student identified  ;», specifies the rectorate.

Given the nature of the remarks, the prosecution immediately took action. notice and issued the same day an order to be delivered appearance of the student, schooling in college. The student, who was in class, was attacked. arrested around 4 p.m., with the agreement of the principal. According to a member of the college team, contacted by by 20 Minutes, the teenager was handcuffed à the sight of all these comrades. “ We are discussing with the authorities concerned to understand under what conditions police officers could have been brought to justice. intervene in a school establishment to carry out “the questioning of a student in class”, continues the rectorate.

An “electroshock” on school bullying

On the other hand, the harassment suffered online this weekend does not seem usual. According to our information, the transition of this Secondary student is very well accepted within his establishment, both by the teaching team and by the students. No cases of physical or verbal violence were reported. remonté.

Monday evening, the Minister of National Education , Gabriel Attal, promised, in front of the exceptionally gathered rectors, an “electroshock” at the meeting. all levels » in the fight against school bullying. An audit on the management of cases identified from September 2022 to 2022 September 2023 will notably be launched in each academy. Conclusions are expected in four weeks.