Scholz still wants to keep relations with Russia and the Kremlin pensioner

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Scholz still wants to maintain relations with Russia and the Kremlin pensioner

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Western partners have markedly increased military aid to Ukraine, according to The New York Times.

“Western officials increasingly fear that Ukraine has very little capacity to prepare to repel an expected Russian spring offensive, and they are making quick moves to provide the Ukrainians with new weapons that they previously refused to supply for fear of provoking Moscow.

The NYT recalls that the US and Germany have decided to provide Ukraine Air Defense Patriot. Also, Germany and the United States promised to send their infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine.

The authors of the material do not exclude that Ukraine will receive modern Western tanks. Poland has already announced a decision to transfer a company of German Leopard tanks to Ukraine. And in Britain, too, they said they were close to agreeing to send a small number of tanks to Ukraine.

“Ukraine hopes that increased pressure will convince German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to allow the export of German-made tanks to Ukraine from arsenals of other NATO allies. Leopard 2 tanks are among the most coveted by Kyiv, and experts say that in significant numbers they will significantly increase Ukraine's ability to push back Russian forces,” the journalists noted.

Head of the Bundestag Foreign Policy Committee, Norbert Röttgen, believes that Scholz and his party “want to maintain relations with Russia and Putin for the future, and believe that if he gives Ukraine the best that Germany has, Russia will perceive this as a break in special relations. But the pressure from the allies is getting too strong.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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