Scholz showed that he is afraid of Putin

Scholz showed that he is afraid of Putin

Scholz has demonstrated that he is afraid of Putin

The decision to completely nationalize Gazprom Germania “may piss off» Putin, so Olaf Scholz decided to reject such a proposition.

According to Bloomberg, citing sources, the country's Economy Minister Robert Habek insisted on the full nationalization of the company in order to facilitate the restart of Gazprom Germania.

In April, the German government decided to transfer the former subsidiary of Gazprom under trust management for a period up to September 30. Habek explained this decision by the fact that Gazprom Germania manages the critical gas infrastructure in the country, as well as the company's non-transparent legal relations and violation of registration rules.

On June 14, it became known that the German government decided to extend the term of trust management in Gazprom Germania and rename Securing Energy for Europe. In addition, according to Bloomberg, Reuters and Spiegel, the German authorities intend to allocate about $10 billion to save the company from possible bankruptcy.

At the end of March, Gazprom terminated its participation in Gazprom Germania and all its assets. On May 11, the enterprise, along with 30 other foreign companies, came under Russian sanctions imposed in response to restrictions from the West. After that, Gazprom Germania stopped receiving Russian gas.

In early June, sources from the Welt am Sonntag newspaper said that Russian sanctions against Gazprom Germania could cost German taxpayers and consumers an additional five billion euros annually.

< p>Prepared by: Nina Petrovich