Scarecrow Created By 10-Year-Old Wears 'ACAB' T-Shirt, Cops See Red

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controversial The little boy had created a “punk” scarecrow as part of a contest

L’é scarecrow created by a 10-year-old child is wearing an “ACAB” t-shirt, the gendarmes see red

The scarecrow's t-shirt was marked ” ACAB”, hostile to the forces of order. Illustration — Pixabay/happylittleone

The Scarecrow of Discord. On Saturday August 5, two uniformed gendarmes intervened during a festival at Lalbenque (Lot). They asked festival-goers and locals to remove a scarecrow sporting a t-shirt that read “ACAB”, an English acronym hostile to law enforcement. However, this caricatural object had been realized by a 10-year-old child as part of a contest, reports Mediapart.

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A punk inspired; “Old Furnaces”

This scarecrow baptized “Jean-Yves” is limited to; a yellow saucepan topped with a broom forming a ridge. He wears sunglasses and is dressed in ripped jeans. and this famous black t-shirt with the mention “ACAB”.

The child would not have measured the scope of this slogan. After finding jeans with holes with his mother, he simply wished, according to Mediapart, to make it a “punk”. À Originally, the t-shirt was to feature the Nirvana logo. But, the drawing, judged too complicated, was eventually replaced by the four letters, as in the comic strips Les Vieux Fourneaux that the little boy reads.

The gendarmes intervene

Installed like many others in the aisles of the market; of this Occitan cultural festival, the scarecrow won; the contest… But a plainclothes policeman saw red. “He assured us that it was an incitement to hatred, and explained to us; that it”s like saying that all black people and all Arabs are jerks,” to Mediapart one of the organizers of the festival, which despite all decided not to remove the scarecrow, emphasizing freedom; of expression.

A few hours later, two gendarmes would have arrived on the spot, affirming that passers-by had been shocked. After an intervention by the mayor of the village, the two soldiers finally left. Contacted by Mediapart, the gendarmerie assured that no procedure had been followed. launched.