Scandalous boxer of Redkach laughed quarantine in Russia and said that he was glad to represent Ukraine

Athlete of Shostka during idle time actively to spend time in social networks

During the forced pause in the competitions many athletes have more time to devote to social media. Among them is 34-year-old Ukrainian professional boxer Ivan Redkach, who lives in Los Angeles. Over the past day, the native of the Sumy region has shared three posts in Instagram. Recently an extraordinary athlete Redkach explained why during the battle and was bitten by Garcia.

Ivan likes to joke sometimes on the verge of a foul. Recently, Redkach laughed at Lomachenko for a photo with fans. Yesterday boxer alternated serious statements with jokes. First, he wrote: “I am very glad that I was born in Ukraine, and very happy to represent my country on another continent”. However, Vanya put a photo where he comes out to the ring in a robe that unites the flags of Ukraine and Mexico. It is known that the sympathetic guy Boxing school in the country.

Then Redcats posted a video in Sochi during the quarantine, the guy runs around the yard from the guards. “Runner” to the applause of the residents has avoided meeting with the six guards near the house.

And today in the morning on the Kiev time of Redkach wished all to remain positive and happy with her photo in shorts colors of the Ukrainian flag and the inscription El Terrible – “terrible.”

A week ago, Redkach suggested Lomachenko fighting in Laurel.

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