Scandal over purchases of the Ministry of Defense. The post-manager of the products declares about the “navmisnu manipulation”

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Defence Ministry procurement scandal. /> </p>
<p>At company TOV Active of the company, which figured in the scandalous investigation of the purchaser of the Ministry of Defense of food for the military, list the names of depending on prices, and Please ask the comments of the director of TOV Aktiv company, which the press service of the company sent information about the company as a contracting party of the Ministry of Defense, as the rest of the hour is available from ZMI.</p>
<p>«Information about those scho TOV Active company nibito „gasket“, be known for mass registration address, may have a statutory capital of exceeding less than 1000 UAH, selling products for  The information provided is unreliable, aimed at discrediting TOV Active Company of the Ministry of Defense», — go to leaf.</p>
<p>The company claims that there there are officially 187 practitioners, that їїvolodinnі has more than 2000 m² warehousing facilities and over 70 specialty transport facilities, as well as warehouses of TOV Aktiv company, it is also possible to select food products in the  combination not less than 120 tons.</p>
<p>Також у компанії додали, що фактичне місцеперебування ТОВ Актив компані не відповідає юридичній адресі, і це пояснюється метою збереження життя та здоров’я працівників підприємства, а також його виробничих потужностей.</p>
<p>Коментуючи повідомлення ЗМІ about the dependence of prices on the  food products, zokrema, eggs vartity, at  TOV Aktiv, the company was informed that the first hour of the conduction of the general purchase, its own prices on the  review from 151 UAH to 162 UAH for one service. </strong>Yak same in company, the price of one service for skin care eight contracts of the Moscow Region, including TOV Aktiv company y 2023 roci warehouses at a time 145.8 UAH.</p>
<p> They explained that the service itself includes a variety of one set of products </strong>for the catalogue with the transfer of products in more than 400 itemsand delivery</strong> throughout the whole territory of Ukraine, zokrema, and to the combat zone.</p>
<p> ;— If the whole range of grubs, which to be included in Products Catalogue, that <strong>purchased as one time. </strong>In addition, service also includes refreshing (updating) the actually delivered food products, and if you use the terms of saving, replace them with similar food products of fresh food production, & nbsp; & mdash; explain to companії.</p>
<p>U TOV Aktiv kompanі vvazhut, why therefore<strong> porіvnyannya cіn on I’m going to buy one product from whether a supermarketі іz vartіstyu u contractі – є wrong and manipulative. </strong></p>
<p>The company has also determined that the price of services from the provision of grub products is fixed for the whole region and can can be reduced by during the seasonal rise in price of other products.</p >
<p>«Z of the date of the settlement of the agreement TOV Active Company <strong>did sell the same egg for the price of 17 UAH</strong>», — </p>
<p>Um, they didn’t explain why such a price was indicated for catalose products, which was common in journalistic research, and in case of which they didn’t repeat the authenticity of the document. p></p>
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