Scandal in Uruguay: the government asks to examine the cell phones of legislators due to a leak of intelligence information

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After the Director of Intelligence shared classified information in a session of Congress, part of it was published in the press

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Scandal in Uruguay: the government asks to examine the cell phones of legislators due to a leak of intelligence information

In The coordinators of all parliamentary benches participated in the confidential session. Photo: Parliament

After the Director of Intelligence, Álvaro Garcé, denounced a leak of confidential information on the State Strategic Intelligence Plan , the Uruguayan government urged all legislators to appear before the Prosecutor's Office and facilitate access to their cell phones.

The decision was made after a meeting held this Thursday between the coordinators of all the parliamentary benches to take action on the case. “We urge, all together, the legislators who were present in that commission to voluntarily attend the Prosecutor's Office in order to clarify this entire process, which we are interested in clarifying,” the Vice President of the Republic said at a press conference. , Beatriz Argimón.

According to the vice president, the deputy of the Ecologist Party (PERI), César Vega, urged legislators to allow access to their cell phones and thus be able to advance the investigation.

The president of the House of Representatives, Ope Pasquet, supported Argimón's statements and described Vega's proposal as “very sensible”: “It is simply an exhortation, it is not mandatory, it is not in our powers to do so, but it seems to us that that way it would contribute positively to the investigation.”

The coordinator of the opposition caucus, Liliam Kechichian, agreed with Argimón's decision but considered it wrong that “eyes are only on Parliament.” In that sense, she said that from the Broad Front they think that the document “has circulated and has also had access to the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of the Interior, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Economy and many of the agencies that coordinate with Intelligence” . For this reason, he requested that the Executive Power initiate its own investigation.

The leak

After Garcé exposed the guidelines of the national intelligence plan to a group of ten parliamentarians, MVD Noticias leaked and published part of the information handled at the meeting. The session had been held without minutes and those present had been asked to reserve information.

As reported, the State Intelligence Secretariat would have entrusted the Police with investigating groups, organizations or individuals that incite violence, usurp public spaces or carry out illegal blockades and cuts of the movement of people. In this context, a meeting of bench coordinators was called urgently to discuss what happened, described as “very serious.”

Before the meeting, Argimón lamented that “some legislators were not up to the task”: “The only presence in that commission was parliamentarians. The leaked information transcends the textual statements that the secretary expressed within the commission and implies an urgent call to the legislators,” he said.

Garcé, for his part, filed a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office for the leaking of the document that was intended to be secret. In addition, this Thursday he said at a press conference that what happened “seems very serious” to him and that he hopes that the person responsible “does not go unpunished.”