Scandal in the Miss Venezuela contest: they denounced that the organization imposed the winner

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“The situation is a bit strange”, lamented the jurors once the ceremony was over, in which their will was not reflected in the final result

Scandal in the Miss Venezuela contest: they denounced that the organization imposed on the winner

Winners of Miss Venezuela 2022 (Instagram: @missvenezuela)

The emblematic beauty pageant Miss Venezuela 2022 was held this Wednesday as part of its 70th anniversary. This event, the most watched on Venezuelan television, took place in the Poliedro de Caracas, a place that the regime ceded to be the venue again after 9 years.

However, the contest -which seems to reflect an unreal Venezuela, where there is no humanitarian crisis, inflation and the repression of Nicolás Maduro- was involved in a fraud scandal. p>

The winner announced that night on the bright stage was Diana Silva, Miss District Capital, despite the fact that none of the 11 jurors called to the ceremony have voted for it on the “most beautiful night of the year”.

Scandal in the Miss Venezuela contest: they denounced that the organization imposed the winner

Diana Silva, Miss Capital District, was consecrated Miss Venezuela 2022 despite not having been the chosen one of the juries (Instagram: @missvenezuela)

Shortly after the ceremony ended, the disclaimers of those present were not long in coming. With messages on the networks, the jurors gave their version of the facts, which leads one to think that, in reality, the winners were fixed.

Maritza Pineda, Miss Venezuela 1975, chose her Instagram account for her download. “As everyone already knows and it is known, I was sworn in last night and had in my hands the obligation to select the most beautiful woman to represent us in Miss Universe. We have chosen, I am going to tell you quickly and shortly, we have chosen last night Miss La Guaira (Andrea Romero) and Miss Delta Amacuro (Daniela Malavé)”, began Pinead.

Maritza Pineda spoke about the scandal in the Miss Venezuela contest (Instagram: @maritzahirt)

In this sense, she commented that all the jurors had chosen La Guaira as Miss Venezuela, and Delta Amacuro for Miss International . However, she continued, “what was the big surprise? That the girls did not appear in that place that we all wanted and that the jury that was sitting in front of the Venevisión screen had selected.”

Scandal in the Miss Venezuela contest: they denounced that the organization imposed the winner

Andrea Rubio was selected Miss International 2022 (Instagram: @missvenezuela)

Faced with this, Pineda refused to remain in his chair for the coronation, as a sign of disagreement with the imposed result, since he considered it disrespectful that someone not voted for was selected.

For his part, Sócrates Serrano published a long video that begins with the preview of the event and in which, as the minutes go by, you can see how that joy and euphoria from the beginning is overshadowed by that feeling of strangeness in the situation.

I am a little puzzled because the final results of the contest have nothing to do with the jury's votes. I spoke to all my classmates and none of them -not even I- voted for the two remaining girls,” he explained.

Sócrates Serrano issued his disclaimer after the event that declared a contestant who had not been voted the winner (Instagram : @socratesserrano)

The announcer and jury, Toto Aguirre, on the other hand, gave his vision of the events during a radio broadcast and ironized that “it was a surprise even for the jury” and explained that the decision for the other two girls was based on the fact that they had a better performance in multiple aspects during that night.

Toto Aguirre spoke about what happened with the journalist Shirley Varnagy (Twitter: @ShirleyVarnagy)

The three jurors who spoke out about what happened explained that, that night, the organizers reminded them that the entire Miss Venezuela organization votes for the winners, so their vote is mixed in that of more than twenty people and, therefore, is subject to what that majority chooses.

In this sense, from Miss Venezuela they shared a statement in which it is read that “as it has been done since 2018, the evaluation process of the Miss Venezuela candidates is combined, since both the evaluation made is averaged by the qualifying jury (during the preliminary interviews and the final night) as the appreciation of the work team that accompanies the candidates during all their months of preparation.”

This explanation, without However, it did not end up convincing Serrano, who reflected that “for the two remaining girls to have remained, they were probably the ones that received the most votes from all the classmates and those votes have more weight than our votes from the jury because none of the 11 that we were there voted for them”.

Despite everything, the juries wished the best of luck to the winners, who will now represent the country.

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