Scandal and resignation in the Chilean government: an audio of Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola angry with the Argentine ambassador was leaked

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It was after Rafael Bielsa's public complaint about the cancellation of a mining project. The dissemination of the audio led to the resignation of the Director of Communications of the Foreign Ministry

Leaked audio of Chilean Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola's conversation with her advisers on how to respond to the complaints of Argentine Ambassador Rafael Bielsa

A recording of an internal Chilean government discussion on how to respond to the unrest they caused Statements by the Argentine ambassador, Rafael Bielsa, were leaked and caused a new problem for Gabriel Boric.

The problems had started when, in a meeting in the Foreign Relations Committee of the Chilean Senate, Bielsa complained in an acid and ironic tone because the Chilean government decided to cancel the Dominga mining project, from which both countries would benefit. , without prior notice.

“This venture was one of the alternatives that (the international crossing of) Agua Negra was going to have as a port. It would be great for us if they warned us, nothing more than that. As it has an impact on bilateral relations, we wanted you to be informed”, Bielsa lamented. “Five species of animals woke up jumping today because they are not going to disappear,” he added.

The tone used for a public complaint by the ambassador of a country he The Chilean government considers La Moneda a harassed political ally. Especially when it was not the first time that Bielsa made stinging comments.

The leaked audio belongs to a reserved meeting of Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola who is discussing with her closest collaborators what response to give to Bielsa's statements.

We have a lot of room to hit him to this jerk. And we have to take advantage of it because Argentina is preparing CELAC and is not going to want to open a flank”, an adviser is heard saying.

Enough, this jerk, he does what he wants when he feels like it, and the explanation is that he's crazy?”, complains Foreign Minister Urrejola, who also shares with others the furious complaint she sent to the Argentine Foreign Minister, Santiago Coffee: “The subject of the Dominga project was a unanimous decision of the council of ministers. Your ambassador directly attacks the government of President Boric on a very sensitive political issue. It is honestly unacceptable. A few days after CELAC is going to Argentina”, the Chilean Foreign Minister is heard reading.

This Tuesday, the communications director of the Chilean Foreign Ministry, < b>Lorena Díaz, submitted her resignation.

“Faced with the mistaken leak of the audio of a private meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that the Director of Communications of this portfolio presented its resignation from the position, which was accepted,” it was reported in an official statement. “The situation that led to the aforementioned conversation is now over and does not at all represent the excellent bilateral relationship between Argentina and Chile, which has been built on the basis of historical trust and friendship.”

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