SBU neutralized a criminal group that abducted people in Lviv

SBU neutralized a criminal group that abducted people in Lviv

The SBU neutralized a criminal group that abducted people in Lvov

SBU during a special operation in Lvovskaya region neutralized a criminal organization terrorizing and intimidating the inhabitants of the western region.

The attackers acted under the guise of one of the volunteer units of the territorial defense, which could aggravate the criminal situation in the region.

The special service established the facts of kidnapping , illegal imprisonment and torture of people. The attackers also tried to engage in racketeering as a result of artificially created conflict situations.

The structure of the criminal organization included more than 6 local residents. According to the investigation, they extorted money from citizens under deliberate motives. In case of non-payment of money, the attackers exerted psychological pressure, violence and threats of physical violence against the victims.

SBU officers detained the organizer and active members of the criminal organization while demanding money from the victim.

Currently, six attackers have been informed of suspicions under four articles of the Criminal Code, including:

ch. 1 and part 2 of Art. 255 (creation, leadership and participation in a criminal organization);

ch. 3 art. 146 (illegal deprivation of liberty or kidnapping);

ch. 4 tbsp. 296 (hooliganism).

According to the materials of the SBU, the court chose a measure of restraint in the form of detention without the right to bail.

Emergency investigative and operational actions are being carried out to bring all those responsible to justice .

In addition, the involvement of the detainees in the commission of other grave and especially grave crimes is checked.

Measures to detect and block offenses were carried out by the SBU officers of the Lviv region together with police investigators within the Lviv specialized prosecutor's office in the military and defense sphere of the Western West n region.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga