SBU fed up a seaman from the cruiser “Moskva”

SBU fed up a seaman from the cruiser “Moskva”

SBU fed a seaman from cruiser "Moskva"

Photo: twitter com osinttechnical

The Security Service of Ukraine fed up a Russian sailor who carried out a military operation on the cruiser "Moskva" Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. However, after a recent order of military crossings from the infantry to the Donetsk region, after which I spent a lot of money up to Ukrainian military ones. "There was a lot of corpses and, basically, the order was more summarily. The ship was wasted, having sunk, they could not be towed … I marveled at what was on the “Moscow”, and did not want to far away, that you were dying in the middle of the sea. We call it greedy. І I've taken a look”, – rozpov_v polony.

in the infantry, to fight in Ukraine. Three days later, Wagner instructors helped you “change your profile.” In the first place, a huge sailor was sent for a survey near the Volnovasky district. spent in ambush ZSU and survived in the distance three of 30. Russian commanders threw the wounded on the battlefield. I’ll help you medically with the Russian military, having already taken off the Ukrainian soldiers, like they filled yoga. I give you the SBU certificate at once.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga