SBU detains a deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life in the Donetsk region – spotter of the fire of the Russians

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SBU detained a deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life in Donetsk region - spotter of Russian fire


The counterintelligence service of the Security Service of Ukraine has detained a deputy of the banned opposition party, who worked for Russian intelligence in the frontline areas of Donbass. This reports the press service of the SBU.

The traitor turned out to be a member of the Seversky City Council from the party banned in Ukraine "Opposition Platform– For life".

Since October last year, he has been collecting intelligence on the deployment of defense forces in the Bakhmut district. He has also transmitted to the enemy the coordinates of local critical infrastructure facilities, including power generating enterprises.

After enemy attacks, the agent went out to the area to record their effects and prepare a report to correct repeated strikes.