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Save the relationship: tips on how to ecologically resolve conflicts in a couple

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

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Conflicts in relationships are a normal phenomenon, which can even contribute to their development, if you approach their solution correctly.

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The main thing during the conflict is to refrain from such destructive actions:

  • Insult and humiliate partner
  • Interrupt each other
  • Recall past quarrels and negative events
  • Use “conflictogenic” words (“What are you doing, little one?”, “Don't make a fuss elephant!”, “I'm going to sneeze!”)
  • Ignore the problem and avoid solving it

Focus on constructive actions that will help resolve the conflict:

1. Use “I-messages” to express your feelings: “I feel…”, “When I see/hear (non-judgmental observation) …, it makes me happy…”, “I care (need) …”, “not could you (please) …”.

2. Show respect to each other.

3. Listen carefully to your partner.

4. Speak from a position of equality and mutual respect.

5. Ask, not demand, be ready to accept rejection.

6. Share responsibility, not blame.

7. Try to understand your partner's needs.

The ultimate goal – agree. For this, it is important to be heard and ready for compromises. Only by joint efforts will you be able to resolve the conflict constructively and strengthen your relationship.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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