Saudi magazine 'writes on two fronts'

Saudi magazine 'writes on two fronts'

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 Saudi magazine "writes on two fronts"

Saudi-owned London-based political news magazine Al Majalla published an article earlier this month entitled “Exclusive: IDF — "Our mission— recruit as many Israeli Arabs as possible.” However, the article on the trilingual site was only published in English.

A Saudi propaganda agency published such a positive article about Israel, its army and its egalitarian attitude towards the Arabs, surprisingly without once mentioning the Palestinian refugees. Other media have speculated that the article was commissioned by “someone upstairs in the Kingdom.”

“There is a misconception in the mainstream media about the Israeli army. Most people believe that they are predominantly Jews. But the IDF represents the entire nation, the “People's Army”, in which Israeli Jews, Druze, Muslims, Arabs, Bedouins and Christians — brothers in arms",– writes Al-Arabiya.

The English version of this article is widely available and cited by other online publications. But the Arabic version of the edition of the article, which praises the Arab soldiers of the IDF, does not.

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