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Saudi Arabia has executed 170 condemned to death in 2023

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The flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

Agence France-Presse

Saudi Arabia executed 170 death row inmates in 2023, an increase compared to the previous year, according to a report established by AFP based on announcements made by the authorities

As of December 31, 2023, 170 people sentenced to death were executed in the kingdom compared to 147 for the whole of 2022. A record 187 executions were recorded in 2019.

The last executions took place on Sunday. They concern Saudis convicted of murders, including two in Tabouk (north), one in Riyadh and the other in Jazane (south), according to press releases from the Saudi Ministry of the Interior, cited by l' official SPA agency.

Thirty-three people involved in terrorism cases and two soldiers convicted of treason are among the 170 executed since the start of the x27;year.

In 2022, Saudi Arabia executed 147 convicts, 81 of whom were executed in a single day, sparking a wave of convictions around the world.

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Human rights defenders regularly denounce executions, generally by beheading, but the authorities consider them compatible with Sharia (Islamic law) and necessary to maintain public order.

Saudi Arabia appears, with China and Iran, in the top three countries that execute the most people on death row in the world, according to human rights organizations.

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