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SaskEnergy launches rebate program for new energy-efficient homes

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar16,2024

SaskEnergy launches new rebate program energy efficient homes

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James Gates is the director of customer solutions at SaskEnergy.


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A new rebate program could see new owners of energy-efficient homes receive up to $9,000. SaskEnergy launched the Homes Beyond Code program, which aims to encourage the Crown corporation's customers to build homes at a higher energy efficiency rate than required.

In addition to rebates for homeowners, this program will also provide up to $800 to homebuilders who build homes that exceed the requirements of Tier 2 of the National Building Code.< /p>

Types of housing eligible for this program are detached or semi-detached homes, townhouses and modular homes.

Director of Client Solutions at SaskEnergy, James Gates, says this program is based on the province's focus on energy efficiency and supports homeowners wanting to reduce their carbon emissions.

These levels represent significant improvements in the energy efficiency of new homes and contribute to annual reductions in heating costs, said David Buckingham, MP for the riding of Saskatoon Westview.

Saskatoon and Regina Home Builders' Association CEO Nicole Burgess says the initiative is good news for homeowners and builders.

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We are committed not only to meeting the standards but also going beyond while ensuring that each home has a superior value and that 'it's well built for the future,' she says.

SaskEnergy has set aside $800,000 for this project. The Crown corporation estimates that between 150 and 200 homes will be part of this program in the first year.

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