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An MP of Saskatchewan accuses the NDP and

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Jeremy Harrison, Minister of Trade and Export Development and Leader of the Saskatchewan Party in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly.


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Leader of the Saskatchewan Party in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly, Jeremy Harrison, calls the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party (NDP) and “the Canadian left in general” anti-Semitic.

The NDP and the Canadian left in general have a serious and obvious anti-Semitism problem, said the Saskatchewan Party MP during the last fall session in the fall. #x27;Legislative Assembly in Regina.

On Thursday, provincial deputies discussed the pro-Palestinian demonstration that disrupted a session at the Legislative Assembly last November.

Yesterday, in committee, we witnessed a dismaying and frankly embarrassing demonstration from the NDP MP [Meara Conway], who vigorously defended anti-Semitism and an anti-Semitic phrase that was chanted in this assembly, declared Mr. Harrison.

The latter particularly referred to the demonstrators who shouted from the river to the sea as they left the Assembly November 20. This phrase is commonly used at pro-Palestine rallies.

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This slogan would refer to a vision that would call into question the existence of the State of Israel.

Defenders of the Jewish cause claim that this expression is anti-Semitic and fuels hatred and violence against Jews, particularly those living in Israel.

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Protesters demanding a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas broke into the Saskatchewan Legislative Building on November 20, 2023.< /p>

At the request of Speaker Randy Weekes, Jeremy Harrison later apologized. However, he stood by his remarks to the media after Thursday's session.

For her part, NDP MP representing Regina Elphinstone Centre, Meara Conway, called Mr. Harrison's statements an offensive slander.

Meara Conway clarified that the slogan of the river to the sea was the source of tensions and divisions.

Mr. Harrison keeps wanting to return to the slogan, Ms. Conway added.

The lawmaker was expelled from the legislature after the president also asked her to apologize, a request she chose not to give continued.

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Saskatchewan New Democratic Party MP Meara Conway. (File photo)

I did not apologize today because of the serious personal and professional accusations that were made not only against me, but also against my team, said the NDP MP.< /p>

I'm proud that I didn't withdraw and apologize. I would do it again without hesitation. I meant every word I said, added Meara Conway.

On Thursday, Jeremy Harrison said his parliamentary group had decided not to not continue the investigation into the pro-Palestine demonstration.

According to Mr. Harrison, the investigation in question requires significant resources.

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Pro-Palestine protesters in front of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building, November 20, 2023.

The security service of the Legislative Assembly had already indicated that the demonstration had not led to any arrests and that no damage had been reported.< /p>

With information from The Canadian Press and Adam Hunter

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