Sasha Bo together with her boyfriend filed an application to the RACS

Sasha Bo together with her boyfriend filed an application to the RACS

Sasha Bo and her boyfriend applied to RACS

Ukrainian blogger Sasha Bo shared a good news with her followers.

Blogger Sasha Bo should suddenly come abroad.

A celebrity told about it on her Instagram. Sasha and her boyfriend, dentist Platon Tarnavsky, submitted documents to the RACS.

“Officially named. Next to him, I'm just a little turboless girl. I want to get back to you this spring, so that I can tell you more”, – the blogger intrigued.

Before the word, a decade of days ago, we didn’t get far enough to die, because the hats didn’t register. That year, on the 17th of September, Plato and Sasha officially became named and named.

Significantly, about those that Sasha Bo would suddenly come out of the country, it became more and more important to the fate of the city. Platon Tarnavsky, his classmate, became a famous celebrity. I’ve been aware of bloggers for a long time, that won’t worry for a trivial hour about the conflicts through the war in Ukraine.

Nagadaemo, Sasha Bo, for six years, was married to Igor Pustovit and had two new children. In the autumn of that fate, Oleksandra gave a scandalous interview, to whom she revealed that Igor was morally aware of her and blackmailed her. Pіznіshe Igor gave an interv’u-vіdpovіd, to whom he said that you and Sasha were also not licorice.

And the blogger couldn't manage on her own. For a decade of months after the separation, the celebrity already voiced about the new hundred.