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Au Sarah Hoffman's turn to launch the race for the leadership of the NDP

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Edmonton-Glenora MP Sarah Hoffman launches into the NDP leadership race with her slogan “health, climate, housing”.

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Edmonton-Glenora MP Sarah Hoffman launches her campaign to succeed Rachel Notley in the head of the New Democratic Party (NDP) of Alberta.

Sarah Hoffman was one of the figures of the NDP government which led the province from 2015 to 2019. She was Minister of Health and Deputy Premier of Notley government.

He is the third person to enter the NDP leadership race, after his fellow MPs Kathleen Ganley and Rakhi Pancholi last week.

Women like me are not supposed to be in politics. I am fat. I am irreverent […] but I think Albertans are ready for bold and courageous leadership, she said in an interview with CBC/Radio-Canada.

Sarah Hoffman also revealed her campaign slogan, which clearly displays her priorities: Health, climate, housing

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She also maintains that the NDP should have hammered out a stronger environmentalist message during last May's electoral campaign, which took place in the middle of the forest fire season.

When kids can't go outside at recess or play soccer with their team during wildfire season, we have a serious problem and we need to take serious action to solve it, she says.

She also recognizes that the party needs to be more attractive to rural voters, outside of Edmonton and Calgary, if it ever hopes to beat conservatives united to regain power.

We have not been sufficiently present in the regions of the province. I look forward to being able to take advantage of my rural roots, my experience in government and my values ​​to work hard in this campaign, explains the MP who was born in Kinuso, a small village in the north of Alberta located on the edge of Little Slave Lake.

In addition, Sarah Hoffman strongly opposes the proposal raised by certain members, in the aftermath of the party's latest electoral defeat, to change the name of the NDP and dissociate itself from its federal leaning, led by Jagmeet Singh.

I don't want to try to trick people into voting for us by giving us a new image. I think that when we talk about the things that matter to voters, like health, climate, housing, they will see that the NDP is in a good position to tackle them, she believes.

Potential candidates have until March 15 to enter the race, and the identity of the next leader of the Alberta New Democratic Party will be known on June 22.

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