Sarah Fraisou has redone her breasts: “I had my breasts reduced”, she explains

Sarah Fraisou had her breasts redone: a cosmetic surgery operation to reduce her breasts Sarah Fraisou showed herself with a broad smile after a new cosmetic surgery operation. The reality TV contestant remade her breasts, not to make it bigger but to reduce it, she who had a naturally big breast. The one you were able to follow in Les Anges 10 on NRJ12 confided in this breast reduction which will change her life.

Sarah Fraisou had a breast reduction: “It's a change of life”

This Monday, August 24, 2020, Sarah Fraisou was revealed very happy in her stories. The one who has achieved a bluffing weight loss (she is now at less than 32 kilos) proudly announced that she had rebuilt her chest. A cosmetic surgery operation to remove her breasts, she who naturally has very large ones. Since losing a lot of weight, the reality TV contestant needed a breast reduction to avoid back problems. “That's it, I came home. I had my breasts shrunk… Something whew. I'm so happy,” she said, “I left a normal breast. I'm so happy … but really. Besides, the scars, they're pretty .

Sarah Fraisou, who confirmed to be married to Ahmed by posting a video of the wedding in July 2020, even detailed the different things the doctor did to her in the OR: “I lifted them, reassembled them, he was able to pull me a bit the skin of the belly with the scar on the breasts “ . A relief for the former participant of the Princes of Love 2 on W9, the Angels 8 on NRJ12 or even at La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5 on TFX. “You don't know, it's a change of life” she even explained, “To put on bras, same level of clothing … There, it's still very fresh, but I'm so happy” .

A cosmetic surgery operation which “went really well”

Because of her particularly large and natural breasts, Sarah Fraisou had to undergo a “step by step” breast reduction. The one who could be in the casting of The battle of couples 3 clarified: “It's been a while since I wanted to reduce my breasts phew. You all know my breasts before, it was 100% natural. I removed a first time, a second time. And there, it was really a step forward because I have withdrawn enormously, enormously. Since the time that I was waiting for this … “ . And in addition, the operation “went really well” .

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