Sara Uribe responded forcefully to those who criticized her son

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The presenter from Antioquia is the mother of Jacobo, whom she conceived when she was a romantic partner of Fredy Guarín

Sara Uribe responded forcefully to those who criticized her son

Sara Uribe, Colombian presenter. Photo: Instagram @sara_uribe

Often Sara Uriberesponds to questions, messages and comments, both positive and negative, made by users on social networks. When it comes to criticism, the presenter from Antioquia generally responds without hesitation and, even more so, if it is about her son Jacobo , who is currently three years old.

In this sense, during recent days, the businesswoman also referred to a message that a woman sent her and that apparently she did not like very much; since -apparently- the user criticized the fact that Jacobo continued to use a diaper at his age. It was so that from her Instagram Stories, the model began by saying:

“For the lady who just told me that her grandson gave up diapers at two years , that's good! congratulations, he is saving a little money, I love it. I tell him that Jacobo doesn't like to shit in the bathroom, he doesn't like it. Right Jacobo, you don't like pooping in the bathroom? (she addressed her son) ”.

Faced with the question posed by his mother, the little boy did not hesitate to answer very specifically: “No”. Later, his mother asked him if he preferred the diaper, and again Jacobo got to the point with his answer: “Yes”. In view of his son's response, Uribe commented: “There is a lady who is very worried because you are still wearing a diaper, what do you want to say to that lady?”

Then Jacobo reiterated that he does not like to go to the bathroom and if he uses a diaper it is because “I am small”. With this last response from his son Sara Uribe he closed the issue.

It is worth remembering that, Jacobo's father is the soccer player Fredy Guarín, from whom the presenter already separated. As for her current sentimental life, the 'Ex-protagonist of Our Tele' has remained single since the breakup with the athlete.

Here is the video of what was shared by Sara Uribe on her social networks:

Sara Uribe responded forcefully to whoever criticized her son

What do Sara Uribe's kisses taste like: this is what the presenter replied

At the end of last October, Sara Uribe activated the question window from her Instagram Stories under the title: “Today I answer everything”, and well, given how willing she was to answer any question that was raised. by his followers, there was a user who asked him a particular question: “What do your kisses taste like?”

Immediately, the presenter from Antioquia preferred not to answer with words but with emoticons, that's how she put the emoji of a carrot, followed by another emoticon crying with laughter.

This answer he gave from humor perhaps it can be interpreted by the color of her hair, since last March the also businesswoman decided to go from blonde to orange, at that time she had commented on her social networks: “I dyed my hair orange, my son told me that it was her favorite carrot.”

Sara Uribe responded forcefully to whoever criticized her son

The response Sara Uribe when asked what her kisses taste like. Photo: Instagram