Sanna Marin pulled a hair out of her head in Pori when a citizen asked about a drug test

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SDP's chairman, Prime Minister Sanna Marin gave her hair to a citizen when he inquired about a drug test.

Sanna Marin pulled out her hair in Pori when a citizen asked about a drug-test

Sanna Marin's answer to the drug test surprised the public. Petteri Today at 19:50

Sanna Marin offered her hair to a citizen to be tested during the SDP election tour in Pori.

Marin is campaigning on behalf of SDP in Pori shopping center Puuvilla on Saturday 18.3. He took the stage at the mall to speak in the afternoon. There were a lot of people there.

When Marin got off the stage, the people who had come to hear him gathered around the prime minister. In this situation, Birgitta Hagert first got to ask Marin about the nurses' salary.

A little later, Hagert asked Marin if it would be good for him to clear his reputation by taking a drug test. He also told Marin that wouldn't it be better for him to give a hair drug sample when it was once requested.

– I felt sorry for the situation, and I wondered why he didn't clear his reputation, says Hagert.

Marin said he has taken a test and it came back clean and he has never used drugs. When the hair drug test came up, Marin turned to Hagert and plucked a hair or hairs from her head, which she handed to Hagert.

– She said I could take them to be tested if I wanted. I didn't accept when I was so upset, she says.

Marin dropped the hair from her hand and left Hagert's side to continue the conversation with the others.

– I didn't mean to accuse or say that he was a drug user, but the prime minister's role is to be responsible to us citizens, for example, for the use of substances, Hagert says of the prime minister.

The prime minister confirms

< p class="paragraph">Marin has confirmed the case to Iltalehti.

– A citizen asked me at the Pori campaign event why I haven't taken a hair drug test. I offered him one of my hairs and said that if he has any doubts, he can take a test. I have nothing to hide. After that, I continued talking with other people and taking pictures, Marin says in the message he sent.

After last summer's celebration, the prime minister's use of intoxicants was questioned. As a result of the commotion, Marin took a drug test, which did not reveal any narcotics. The test was taken from a urine sample. According to the Prime Minister's Office, the method of conducting the test was not decided by the Prime Minister's Office or the Prime Minister's Office.

Sanna Marin became emotional while giving a speech last summer in Lahti market. At the time, Marin had undergone drug tests and asked people to focus on how he does his job as prime minister instead of his free time. IL-TV

Sanna Marin pulled out a head of hair in Pori when a citizen asked about a drug test

Marin: “I have no problem going to drug tests” 18.8.2022 14:03