Sanna Marin apologized to Petteri Orpo during MTV's live broadcast

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In MTV's prime ministerial exam, SDP's Sanna Marin asked the coalition's Petteri Orpo to apologize for her blue-black fasimi reference, but Purra didn't get an apology from Marin.

>> Marin apologized to Petteri Orpo in MTV's live broadcast” />

At MTV's prime minister exam, Sanna Marin (sd) personally apologized to Petteri Orpo (kok). Stock photo. Inka Soverikreeta.karvala@iltalehti.fiToday at 22:39

In MTV's prime ministerial exam, SDP's Sanna Marin, the coalition's Petteri Orpo and Basic Finns' Riikka Purra clashed.

At the end of the exam, Orpo hoped for an apology from Marin for his blue-black speeches referring to fascism, which Marin has linked to the coalition .

During the election campaign, Marin has often intimidated voters with the “blue-black right-wing alternative” of the coalition and fundamental Finns, which, according to Marin, offers cuts, misery, and misery.

Marin denied that he had referred to the history of the fascist blue-black movement in the case of the coalition and the Basic Finns.

– I am referring to the fact that if the coalition or the Basic Finns win, we will have a right-wing blue-black government that makes tough cutting policies and curls up inward.

According to Marin, it is a blue-black (government) base.

The openly racist and fascist Sinimusta movement is also competing in the parliamentary elections.

– But I am not referring to this individual movement, which also exists, Marin said and continued:

– If Petteri you find this offensive, then I can from you apologizes personally here, but I have described what that political alternative is.

Orpo thanked Marini for the apology.

No apology

Sanna Marin refused to apologize to Riikka Purra in the MTV audition. Stock photo. Joel Maisalmi

Riikka Purra of Basic Finns also called Marini to account for accusations of fascism.

– In yesterday's election exam, I asked Sanna if she thinks we are fascists, which this black color really refers to, but I didn't have time to get an answer to that.

According to Purra, Marin has also described basic Finns as openly racist.

–This description as fascist is only a continuation of that, Purra stated.

According to the chairman of Basic Finns, Marin's nomination should not be aimed at parliamentary parties.

However, Marin did not agree to apologize to Purra.

– I am not apologizing to Riga for bringing this fascism to the fore. I have not made such a claim and I did not say so. I don't apologize for Riikka painting such straws on the wall, Marin said.

– What I have said, that yes your members of parliament have made openly racist speeches in the parliament hall this term, this is a fact. You can't escape that.

Purra answered by barking at Marin's historical knowledge.

– I have understood that your historical knowledge is quite weak, but blue-black specifically refers to fascist activity.

– I have not called Basic Finns a fascist party, and I won't say so here either, Marin answered.


Fascism in brief >

Fascism is an extreme right-wing, authoritarian and nationalist ideology born in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century. It is commonly associated with the dictator Benito Mussolini. It is estimated that at least one million people died due to Mussolini's dictatorship. Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany is considered the extreme form of fascism. About six million Jews died in the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis.

Sinimustas was a right-wing radical youth organization operating in Finland between 1930 and 1936, which initially supported the Lapua movement and later the Patriotic People's Movement.

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