SANNA and the leader of the band SKY presented the Cossack song “I am going to Sich”

SANNA and the leader of the SKY band presented the Cossack song “I am going to Sich”

Oleg Sobchuk. Photo: press service

The singer SANNA and the leader of the SKY band Oleg Sobchuk present the Ukrainian Cossack song “I'm Going to Sich”, which reflects the ethnocode of our people. With this work, the artists want to convey to listeners the importance of the revival of ethnic cultural values. In a difficult time for Ukraine, the demonstration of identity is a powerful weapon in the fight against the enemy.

As a child, I sang many Ukrainian Cossack songs with my mother and father, including “I'm going to Sich”. This is my parents' favorite composition, when they performed it, I felt something special. It was so romantic, soulful and sensual… It is this piece of music that reminds me of their love story,” – says SANNA.

The idea to perform the song together with Oleg Sobchuk arose during the artists' tour of the front line, and after the end of the charity concerts, they began fruitful work on the Cossack work.

I really liked this song, unfortunately it is relevant now because of the war. And although I'm less strong in folklore than I am in rock and roll, we sang with our hearts and I'm sure that the listeners will feel it. This song is eternal, just like Ukrainian folklore”, – says Oleg Sobchuk, the leader of the SKY band.

This work is special for me, it is different from all the previous ones. Composer Ihor Yuzyuk worked on the arrangement, who combined an entire orchestra of instruments, including the sound of the flute and bandura with double bass and guitar, creating a special atmosphere for this song,” – the singer shares.

The filming of the clip took place in the city of Kolomyia, and the Hutsul Planet studio helped the artists realize the idea and brought together all the musicians who participated in creating a unique sound.

It is interesting that SANNA and Oleg Sobchuk have already performed “Ida na Sich” at concerts several times. The singers admit that the reaction of the audience is special every time.

Unique sound, ethnic motifs and the current story of the separation of couples in love — all this in the new work of the artists.

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