Sánchez wants to distribute European aid in his three years in office and promises to create 800,000 jobs

The Government also aspires, through its Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for the Spanish Economy, an additional economic growth of 2.5 points per year

Create ” more than 800,000 jobs ” and achieve “an additional impact of 2.5 points per year to growth .” The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presented this Wednesday the so bombastic and ambitious Plan for the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience of the Spanish Economy, and has pledged to boost job creation and the growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP ).

For this, the Executive will carry out an investment of 72,000 million euros during the next three years , that is, in the period 2021-2023. This means that it tries to concentrate the bulk of the European aid plan in the foreseeable mandate of Pedro Sánchez, despite the fact that the entire program is designed to extend until 2026. To do this, it will make use of the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (59,000 million) as well as the 'React-Eu' fund (12,400 million).

The pomposity of the act was not only reflected in the name of the plan, but also in the fact that the pianist James Rhodes has interpreted the Hymn of Joy, as well as in the presence, telematically, of all members of the Government, trade unions, employers and numerous representatives of civil life. And before all of them, Sánchez has extensively detailed the numerous areas of action of the plan.

There will be “10 driving policies” with special emphasis on the ecological transition, social and territorial cohesion, digitization and gender equality . And all areas of action, Sánchez stressed, are in line with the requirements and recommendations of European regulations . To control investment and the effectiveness of actions, the Government will create “high-level forums” in very different areas and will implement “accountability mechanisms”, and all the effort will allow “modernizing” the Spanish economy

Sánchez has detailed some political actions such as a sustainable mobility shock plan and a comprehensive plan for housing rehabilitation and urban regeneration; a strategic plan to mobilize and digitize the agri-food system and the logistics chain, focused on organic production; a biodiversity preservation plan with a fund for ecological restoration and recovery; energy renewal policies; modernization and digitization of the productive fabric; national plan for digital skills of the entire population; to promote Vocational Training.

The president has also advanced that in the next General State Budgets (PGE) 27,000 million will be advanced, and he has taken the opportunity to once again point out how essential it is to approve these accounts. Brussels has stated that it is not essential to have a budget to receive aid, but the Executive defends that it is the best way to apply them.

This Tuesday the Government approved the spending ceiling, the highest in history with an increase of 53% and a total of almost 200,000 million, and also released the macro picture. In that document, he estimated that the economic collapse will be 11% this year, higher than previously estimated, and that the rebound next year will be 7.2%. However, the Vice President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, pointed out that if European aid is used well, the rebound will be up to two and a half points more, which is precisely the figure that Sánchez pointed out today .

The Independent Responsibility Authority (AIReF) endorsed this macro picture but warned that it had significant doubts precisely in the pace of recovery, and pointed out that to achieve the potential growth that Sánchez and Calviño aspire to, “favorable circumstances” must converge but there is a ” risk less benign scenarios to materialize . “

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