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Samuel Moderie described as a “sadistic deviant” ; in 2019

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Samuel Moderie was arrested in 2023 for crimes committed while he was subject to an order probation. (Archive photo)

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The man nicknamed the “Tinder rapist”, because he recruited his victims on dating applications, committed his first crimes at the age of 22 for which he was convicted to a sentence of 2 years in penitentiary. In September 2019, an expertise by specialists in sexual delinquency concluded that Samuel Moderie presented a profile of deviant sexual interests.

A psychologist specified that he suffered from a disorder of voyeurism and sexual sadism. Despite this worrying portrait, Moderie quickly obtained semi-release then full parole.

In 2018, Samuel Moderie was arrested and accused after being denounced by a victim whom he had drugged, sexually assaulted, tied up and filmed without his knowledge. The investigation shows that he committed other crimes against two other women whom he surreptitiously filmed. The videos on his cell phone betrayed him.

Moderie pleaded guilty and in August 2019, he received a two-year sentence.

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When he addresses the Commission des parole (CLCC), in March 2020, his team of correctional workers presents the portrait of a young man who has a poor opinion of women whom he takes pleasure in denigrating.

His family history reveals that his mother (a cocaine addict) is very little present and that he develops a more significant bond with his father. That would partly explain his contempt for women. Then he begins to consume alcohol, narcotics and pornography, which deteriorates his sexual morality, write the commissioners, who note that Moderie considers consent as accessory.

The psychologist who evaluated him believes that he presents an above-average risk of sexual recidivism.

The tests to which it is submitted show that the scenario which generates the strongest sexual arousal in him is the one describing a sexual assault with humiliation of an adult woman. Samuel Moderie denies this interest in the rape and humiliation of women. He will eventually recognize it.

Despite the specialist's less than reassuring prognosis, the CLCC grants the inmate day parole, given the fact that he has completed a program for sex offenders.

A report describes his progress and his efforts, his recent ability to express and control his emotions. At the hearing, Samuel Moderie expressed remorse which seemed well felt, writes the Commission.

He was then granted permission to reside in a halfway house for six months, without participation in specialized treatment for sexual delinquency, but rather a maintenance program that he followed by telephone, due to the measures imposed in pandemic time.

Six months later, Moderie convinced the Board to grant him full parole. He will therefore be able to go and live with his father from September 2020. The CLCC concludes that he will not present an unacceptable risk to society

Conclusion, this man then aged 26, who the previous year presented the profile of a sadistic and deviant offender, managed to change in seven months of incarceration and a program for sex offenders.< /p>

As of September 2020, he is then on parole, but his sentence, handed down 13 months early, was accompanied by three years' probation, during which he was required to report to a probation officer regularly. .

Samuel Moderie was arrested again in 2023 for crimes committed while under probation. He outsmarted everyone.

As soon as his photo and the details of his arrest were released, other victims came forward to investigators in several districts.

Au In total, 13 women were identified and Moderie finally pleaded guilty, on December 14, to 23 charges of sexual crimes against these 13 victims he had known on different dating applications. Most were drugged and sexually assaulted and sometimes even filmed.

The prosecution requested new sexological and psychiatric evaluations to have a complete and detailed portrait of the offender.

Now that he has admitted in court to having committed sexual assault again, in identical circumstances, it is easy to criticize the Parole Board and claim that the commissioners allowed themselves to be fooled.

Is this the case? Was their decision justified?

Questioned on this subject, the lawyer specializing in prison law, Me Pierre Tabah, responds very objectively. At the time they made their decision, it was justified, given the data the commissioners had.

The experienced lawyer emphasizes that the fact that Samuel Moderie had no criminal record and that it was a first conviction, explains the decision of the CLCC.

When it was pointed out to him that the specialist had noted a higher risk of recidivism than the average, but that the Commission rather retained an average risk, Me Tabah explains that the CLCC weighs the expertise and combines it with the progress made by the offender.

Moderie had followed his correctional plan and he succeeded in explaining these behaviors, which suggested a real change, concludes the lawyer.

Today, Samuel Moderie is detained while awaiting his sentence which will be known later in 2024. Not without having caused numerous victims, some of whom have not not even identified despite the images found on his cell phone.

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