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Le second trial of Samuel Ducharme aborted due to unreasonable delays

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Samuel Ducharme is a former spokesperson for the Sherbrooke Police Department (archives).

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Samuel Ducharme's second trial for sexual assault aborted Friday at the Sherbrooke courthouse. Judge Julie Beauchesne ordered a stay of proceedings under the Jordan ruling.

To meet deadlines, the trial would have had to be held before January 18, 2024. According to the judge, it will be impossible to hold a trial within these deadlines.

Despite everything, the finding remains the same: the court cannot complete this case within the time limits prescribed by the Jordan decision. I underline the courage of [the complainant], to have come out of the shadows after 10 years of silence, underlined Judge Julie Beauchesne.

The complainant filed a complaint in 2021 for events that allegedly took place in 2011.

These actions will remain unpunished, unresolved, since the Court will not be able to assess it at its true value, despite the negative repercussions on his daily life.

A quote from Julie Beauchesne, judge

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Remember that Samuel Ducharme received a six-month community prison sentence last December, after being found guilty of another sexual assault. He appealed his case.

Before the Jordan ruling, the defense had made a request for a stay of proceedings, citing among other things a late disclosure and insufficient police notes.

As part of the motion to stay proceedings, the complainant, who cannot be identified due to a publication ban, explained the alleged assault to the judge on Friday morning.

She was only questioned and not cross-examined on the facts, explains the criminal and penal prosecutor, Maude Lapointe.

The events allegedly took place in December 2011 following a Christmas party organized by the City of Sherbrooke.

The complainant carpools with a friend, who informs her that they will also drive Samuel Ducharme and a friend back at the end of the evening. While the driver goes to get the vehicle and the others wait outside, the complainant says that: Samuel and [his friend] say things in each other's ears, I feel too much, uncomfortable comfortable with what is happening, so much so that I make a comment: ''you are telling each other secrets''. The two men did not respond to him.

I feel bad, there is an uneasiness setting in.< /p>A quote from The complainant

When the time came to get into the car, Samuel Ducharme's friend allegedly told the complainant to sit in the back. I take my hand, I come to take the handle, then he put himself between me and the handle, he said: "no no, you don't sit in the front, you go in the back .''

It's in the back of the vehicle where the alleged assault took place. Samuel Ducharme allegedly tried to kiss him four times.

He kisses me with his tongue. I don't want to, I don't want to experience this, I push it away, I say no. Every time it's the same thing, he comes back to the charge, it's no every time, I don't want that.

A quote from The complainant

The driver of the vehicle allegedly asked if everything was correct and if she should stop the vehicle on the side of the road.

After this intervention, Samuel Ducharme took the complainant's left hand and put it on her crotch, according to her.

I put my left hand on the seat. Samuel takes my hand and puts it on his penis […] I feel his penis erect, continued the complainant.

According to her, some seconds would have passed between Samuel Ducharme’s four attempts. The car journey would have lasted around fifteen minutes.

The victim recounts the rest of her night, once she returned home: I didn't sleep much at night, I think about all that, I've been fooled. I wonder if they talked about this in the hallway. I had something organized. I was disturbed, I didn't sleep all night, I was thinking about it.

More details to come< /em>

With information from Marion Bérubé

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